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Creating Safe Environments Essay

Joint effort with guardians is one of the most testing and basic issues that cause mistaken assumptions inside the study hall and all through the school building. It is a non-debatable desire among guardians and educators that incorporate structure a system between and among guardians and instructors. It includes a feeling of shared regard just as a comprehension of various perspectives. Instructors should be careful that building connections right off the bat in the school year will bring about a positive study hall condition in which understudies have a protected spot to learn. Guardians and educators should share mastery with respect to the understudy in which data about learning styles are introduced in a non-undermining way. Instructors ought to have the option to utilize restricted measures of educator language so guardians can comprehend desires inside the homeroom just as set up rules for following up on systems at home. As a parent, I would welcome a relationship with the individual who goes through a large portion of the day with my youngster. I would pick up knowledge into the manner in which my youngster thinks in different circumstances to make a more profound comprehension of connections in reality. The requirement for character instruction for guardians lies in the way that youngsters ought to be demonstrated instances of good character both at home and at school. â€Å"School needs to fabricate the work that the family does† (Lickona, 2009). Guardians ought to unequivocally be included and shown character training techniques. Quite a bit of what we see as educators is an impression of a helpless home condition as guardians who carry on with confused lives. Many are single guardians and come up short on the time or assets to deal with the unpredictable issues of kids today. They don't need anything more than for their youngsters to be fruitful, yet as instructors, it is our duty to give assets to guardians, for example, methodologies and procedures, child rearing courses with childcare and strategies which encourage values that all individuals ought to gain in the public arena. In this regularly evolving world, I, as a parent would invite some understanding to how my kids are turning out to be a piece of the world they live in. This coordinated effort in character instruction ought to be deliberate just like our educating. The motivation behind character instruction should change the manner in which the study hall works and feels, not simply the manner in which every part demonstrations (Lichona, 1991).

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Googles Motto Strategic Management

Googles Motto Strategic Management Presentation From the beginning doubtlessly Google was bound for progress and to do extraordinary things from the snapshot of its origin; there is no uncertainty that Google handled and comprehended a basic issue in the data innovation division that has continued for long in smart ways.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Google’s Motto Strategic Management explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is this Google’s first keen development that would make way for its future triumphs in the years to come, which is a desire that it has not neglected to convey. It is no uncertainty that the mechanical development of its progressive inquiry calculation is the thing that furnished it with the chance of a lifetime that it so truly necessary (Gladwell). It is on this setting we can best investigate the Company’s most powerful proverb and its business technique when all is said in done that has situated Google to turn into the current day multibillion Company that it is. Google’s Motto: Don’t be Evil Google’s witticism of â€Å"don’t be evil† is best clarified in its corporate qualities that have incredibly formed the business morals of the organization and fundamentally determined its achievement in the business. From the beginning the organizers of the organization received and imparted solid and unmistakable corporate qualities in each part of its business forms. These qualities which shaped Google reasoning have been basic to its prosperity and this maxim is one of the most necessary corporate qualities principles that drives the organization which are â€Å"i) do no underhanded, ii) innovation matters and iii) we make our own rules† (Edelman and Eisenmann). These three principles among others have profoundly affected the company’s activities and contributed massively to its presentation. The standard of â€Å"do no evil†, which has therefore turns into the Company’s aphorism controls all the company’s center business exercises which are chiefly in publicizing and search business; because of this maxim Google for example denies the promoting of firearms, hard alcohol and erotic entertainment content on its destinations ( Looking for article on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More what's more, in light of its saying, Google demands morals in its promoting business and doesn't take part in controlling outcomes to make a fast benefit or confuse realities to increase a serious edge which has served to keep up its uprightness. Its internet searcher is intended to show just pertinent outcomes that have not been controlled; because of its trustworthiness, Google look are regarded by clients as the outcomes are solid, reliable and dependable. It is no big surprise then that Google’s portion of the hunt business was ap proximated in 2010 to be at â€Å"65% in US and 90% in the remainder of the world† (Edelman and Eisenmann). Google’s special proverb and corporate qualities are likewise observed in other shifted ways, for example, in the way that it professes to make its own standards and doesn't permit itself to be constrained by confinements put by the business (Edelman and Eisenmann). Only as of late in 2009 it would be recollected that Google picked to pull out of Chinese market as opposed to curve to weight of government domineering laws that requested that Google hand over close to home information for a portion of its clients so the legislature can screen their interchanges. Decisions, for example, this and others where US government was additionally at one time requesting the equivalent had just served to declare how Google pays attention to its proverb of â€Å"do no evil†. Google Success Factors as a rule Google’s achievement variables can be thoroughly summed up in a scope of four factors despite the fact that they are numerous and shifted, these are; top notch innovation, business advancement, center ability trustworthiness ( We will compose a custom paper test on Google’s Motto Strategic Management explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More critically is the way that Google has praised its plan of action with a compelling corporate and administration structure and looked for the best human asset aptitudes that it supported as the Company kept on developing. Google’s exceptional association and corporate structure is the thing that empowered it to perform viably in light of the fact that workers are not hindered by the associations formality (Edelman and Eisenmann). Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has built up a one of a kind and flighty methodology of dealing with the representatives. He built up the 70/20/10 standard of overseeing advancement in workers which expressed that 70% of all their time and exertion ought to be spent on the organization’s center movement which was search business and ad while the remainder of the time could be utilized in structuring individual tasks (Edelman and Eisenmann). This standard has not exclusively been exceptional to most standard associations, but on the other hand is the technique behind Google’s achievement in delivering extremely inventive items. The 20% time spent by engineers on related undertakings has been the wellspring of practically all new and significant advancements that the organization has created which incorporate Gmail, Google Earth, among others (Edelman and Eisenmann). The organization recognizes that the majority of its developments originate from engineers’ individual ventures as opposed to from the company’s top administration (Edelman and Eisenmann). The organization additionally works little work groups instead of wide offices similar to the custom in enormous association in the industry.Advertising Searching for paper on business financial matters? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More This is a result of what the CEO portrays as engaged vitality since barely any individuals cooperating offer a few preferences which he refers to as being â€Å"more profitable and permit the organization to seek after a few hundred tasks simultaneously† ( Google’s has likewise discarded center level administration work force which has served to cut organization and expands proficiency which is fundamental to its accomplishment of its ventures ( Google’s Challenges While plainly Google’s one of a kind association and administration structure just as its corporate qualities have been a wellspring of its particular upper hand, it likewise puts extreme impediment on the association achievement. The outright control that has been put on the three top officials shows absence of an oversight body, for example, a top managerial staff in controlling and overseeing hazard. In spite of the fact that the organization has not attempted any vent ure that has brought about a significant misfortune, we can't anticipate if its smooth run will proceed into what's to come. A leading body of executive that is particularly gifted and free is helpful in prompting and overseeing hazard in an organization yet which Google has none, civility of its extraordinary hierarchical structure. Google’s one of a kind corporate and the board procedure is significant in pulling in splendid architects that try to work in a situation where they can seek after undertakings that they want freely. Be that as it may, as the organization develops and develops, its present administration normally turns out to be progressively occupied with social and family exercises which mean they have less an ideal opportunity to focus on the Company. In this manner, there is have to infuse new administration which is probably not going to occur under the current administration framework that the association has. Edelman, B. Eisenmann. â€Å"Google Inc.† Boston: Harvard Business School. 2010. Print Gladwell, J. â€Å"Factors behind Google’s Early Success, 2011.† Web. â€Å"Play it safe, family-sheltered, 2011.† Web.

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Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Venture - Essay Example Yet, in Balanced Scorecard the presentation of an association is investigated from a more extensive edge which ranges over points of view like: Financial, Customer, Internal business procedure, Learning and development. This is done to incorporate the different complexities in the working condition of a cutting edge firm thus that the alongside the monetary model different components which effectsly affect the firm are considered. This device assesses execution of an association and gives a structure to direction. This framework is utilized by associations, private, administrative and non-benefit to look at their exhibition comparable to their key destinations. Utilizing the reasonable Scorecard framework, it is conceivable to gauge and assess the procedure which is liable for present and future worth creation. This additionally goes about as a controlling system for administrative dynamic in setting of territories to be engaged upon and assets to be placed into so as to make esteem. Investigation through this framework delivers the ‘value drivers’ in an association (Balance Scorecard fundamentals, 2009; Kaplan R.S. also, Norton D.P., 1996). The primary edges or purposes of conversation for the association under the ‘customer perspective’ are ID of their objective clients and furthermore their won offer which would pull in the clients. Recognizable proof of the offer is significant in light of the fact that in any case the association would doubtlessly free core interest. Incentives may radiate from: Operational greatness These sorts of associations get their incentive from greatness and essential spotlight just on their activities and for the most part offer no-decoration items or administrations. Model: EasyJet the European minimal effort carrier. Initiative through item These organizations rely upon consistent advancement and research to convey better items to their clients. They become item pioneers and lead the route in the market by continually endeavoring to and conveying

Interviewing for the Future Essay Example for Free

Meeting for the Future Essay Meeting is considered by numerous individuals to be a workmanship. As a pre-adult, I never got the opportunity to talk with somebody previously and it truly caused me to need to open myself to the world outside of my usual range of familiarity. Being just eighteen years of age, I needed to investigate my future vocation way somewhat more inside and out from someone who knows the field. I decided to do my meeting on somebody I appreciated off grounds who works in my field of intrigue. As a first year recruit in school, most understudies don’t know which bearing they need to go in, a large portion of them are undeclared. After entering CCSU this fall I, as well, was undeclared; in any case, as of late I found that I needed to work in the field of dentistry. I noticed that I needed to converse with a specialist, someone who had been in the field for a long time so I could get a solid handle on what daily in-the-existence resembled. I concluded that I needed to know more on the field and led a meeting with Lyudmila Adamitskaya, a dental hygienist at Smiles for the Future a pediatric dental specialist office in Glastonbury, CT. Before I chose to direct the genuine meeting, I did some fundamental foundation explore on Smiles for the Future. I took a gander at their organization site to get a feeling of what the climate resembled. After I got the general thought of what the pediatric dentistry field was comparable as well, I conceptualized an assortment of inquiries. I needed to realize what it resembled for Lyudmila and what the workplace resembled. I had definitely known a lot about the real field itself, however I needed to discover things about the pediatric dentistry field that an individual couldn’t read about in Chemistry books or through Anatomy addresses. I needed to find why she preferred her activity and what she didn’t like about her activity. I wanted to know the hindrances she needed to survive and if her desires were satisfied from what she had seen them to be while in school. From the outset I couldn’t locate the correct words to write down before the meeting. From the in class exposition we read â€Å"The Art of Interviewing† I removed an essential issue that truly stood apart to me, â€Å"Substance is ground-breaking to lead a significant interview† (Foster 1). This statement truly bounced off the page for me since it made me imagine that on the off chance that I didn’t have the inquiries I needed replied, at that point what was the purpose of doing the meeting? This point surely got me to conceptualize for a significant long time to get the correct inquiries. I removed another point from the paper, â€Å"If the questioner as of now speculates what substance is coming then why direct the interview?† (Foster 1). This affirmation made me truly focus on questions I couldn't in any way, shape or form know the responses to, with the goal that my meeting would be significant to me and not only an exercise in futility. I realized that going into the meeting, I would have been anxious yet I had no clue what would occur. On the evening of September 24th, 2012 I strolled into the vivid pediatric office of Smiles for the Future in Glastonbury, CT. I restlessly held up until Mrs. Lyudmila Adamitskaya was done with a little young lady who looked as though she were around six or seven years of age. I glanced around at my environmental factors and saw many toys tossed about the sitting area. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t trouble me, I love working with kids; be that as it may, today appeared to be changed. I couldn’t place what it was that troubled me such a great amount about this however I was suddenly pulled out of my fantasy like state when Mrs. Adamitskaya welcomed me with a warm and merry â€Å"Hello!† The main thing I saw about her was her brilliant purple scours. Her hair was conveniently tied back and she had an expert, yet neighborly, aura about her. We shook hands quickly and she welcomed me to return to the, into room six. She welcomed me to sit in the patient’s seat, which was essentially littler than I was and we shared a concise ice-breaking giggle at the circumstance. She asked me how old I was and I disclosed to her I was eighteen and leading the meeting for my English class. I additionally disclosed to her how I was thinking about going into the field of pediatric dentistry. Quickly, I saw her face light up and I grinned at the amount I could tell just from that straightforward non-verbal communication she truly making the most of her activity. I opened up the meeting with the most essential inquiry I could consider; what made you need to turn into a dental hygienist? She stopped quickly, attempting to scan for the correct words, a confused at this point loosened up demeanor all over. At last she expressed with a gigantic grin, â€Å"I consistently needed to work in the clinical field or dental field to have any kind of effect in people’s oral and in general health† (Adamitskaya). Simply that announcement alone revealed to me a large portion of what I had to think about Mrs. Adamitskaya’s disposition towards her patients, however towards all individuals. The announcement disclosed to me that she truly minded how individuals were doing and she needed to have any kind of effect in the network. I anxiously checked out the room at little soft toys and butterfly backdrop and asked, â€Å"Do you like your work environment?† Mrs. Adamitskaya looked alleviated and somewhat less under tension. She immediately ventured over into the perky lady I originally had seen and stated, â€Å"I love my workplace since I get the opportunity to work with stunning specialists and colleagues who devote their work and information to improve and instruct individuals about oral health† (Adamitskaya). This truly livened my advantage that she felt so firmly about the field and how much her primary care physicians and associates thought about different patients as much as she did. I needed to know all the more so I included â€Å"Do you like your activity? What’s the best and most exceedingly terrible part about your job?† She looked around, took a gander at me and grinned. â€Å"I don’t like my job.† She stopped, gave me an odd look and proceeded, â€Å"I love my activity! I love it since all that we do is for our patients and it brings positive criticism. It urges patients to hold returning. It’s continually compensating to work with patients and have any kind of effect in people’s lives and fabricate connections. The most exceedingly terrible part would be the expense of medical coverage for families† (Adamitskaya). I could detect she felt terrible about the condition of the economy, and quickly proceeded to examine with me how â€Å"unfortunate it is that most families battle to put food on the table around evening time while adjusting family and school life† (Adamitskaya). At the point when I perceived how much this annoyed her it made me anxious to get more data on her own experience and battles. I was apprehensive to ask from the outset, however my inward child’s interest bamboozled me and I rather enthusiastically asked â€Å"What deterrents have you needed to defeat to get where you are today?† She giggled a bit; I’m expecting at how humiliated I looked, I must’ve been somewhat flushed in light of the fact that my face felt hot as I hung tight for an answer. She gladly stated, â€Å"Going through my school years, I didn’t communicate in English until I came to America when I was 22 years of age. I was bringing up two kids, working all day for the lowest pay permitted by law at Subway to get myself through school. I was attempting to learn English and all the elements that go into a dental cleanliness program simultaneously. There were evenings I didn’t rest, however I did everything to give a superior future to my family† (Adamitskaya). It was now in the meeting I truly felt a colossal individual association with Mrs. Lyudmila Adamitskaya. I revealed to her that I, myself, had been maintaining two sources of income and setting up myself for school full time and she essentially answered with a delicate grin, â€Å"All difficult work has rewards† (Adamitskaya). After this critical statement, Mrs. Adamitskaya wasn’t simply one more dental hygienist I was talking with; she became someone I genuinely respected. Yet, I needed to know whether all that she worked for paid off for her and if in her heart her desires were satisfied. I asked, â€Å"Were your desires satisfied when you entered your profession field from what you figured it would resemble in college?† She anxiously addressed rapidly, â€Å"Yes! They were satisfied without a doubt. I am extremely satisfied with what I have accomplished throughout the most recent ten years of functioning as a dental hygienist† (Adamitskaya). At the point when she said that her desires were satisfied, it some way or another caused me to feel considerably more loose about the vocation way I had at last chosen I needed to go with. I at that point asked her what her feeling was on the business as far as employment opportunities for after I finished school. She wavered; looking nearly stressed, and stated, â€Å"It’s simpler to get low maintenance line of work as opposed to a full time position as a result of the economy, yet it is a regularly developing field and will consistently expand† (Adamitskaya). Her words had a method of loosening up me in a flash. Mrs. Lyudmila Adamitskaya was unquestionably a lady who I couldn't want anything more than to return to for a second, third or even fourth meeting with. She was incredibly legit, kind and opened up her office ways to me in a warm and neighborly condition. I expressed gratitude toward her for meeting with me, shook her hand again and disclosed to her that I couldn't want anything more than to meet with her again later on to discuss dental cleanliness and the magnificent universe of pediatric dentistry. She chuckled at my amusingness and said to â€Å"stay in school.† I strolled back to my vehicle with a freshly discovered trust in my capacity to talk with someone. What I detracted from this experience was not just how to meet an individual I needed to find out about, yet how to go with the common progression of discussion to satisfy my own interest. I had huge amounts of inquiries arranged on paper, however I understood when I returned to my vehicle that I hadn’t posed any of the essential inquiries I had composed on the paper. I found that it w

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Dover Beach Poetry Analysis Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Dover Beach Poetry Analysis Essay, Research Paper DOVER BEACH Dover Beach is a truly # 8216 ; temper # 8217 ; exciting stanza structure. We are initially met with a grip for the ocean and various feelings that is attracts to the perceiver. Anyway as the refrain structure advances we are a tiny bit at a time acquainted with a major similitude for adoration and like the ocean can stir numerous tempers, and various feelings, regardless of whether agreeable or rotted. The artist depicts the feelings with most extreme energy and conceivably with little rages. We are given as feeling of misfortune by this fever which becomes more clear in the last verse. The rubric of this stanza structure, # 8216 ; Dover Beach # 8217 ; , really puts things in place to the peruser about right away. Dover, with its white drops, giving us a feeling of laterality and grandness. The artist may hold done this as to put the temper for the hole stanza.For others it might stir a thought or memory of the days gone by. We will compose a custom article test on Dover Beach Poetry Analysis Essay Research Paper or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Potentially on youth get-aways with your folks. The could be stirring these thoughts with the goal that you can identify thusly to what he is sing in the section structure. This puting for some, will of class passing on the Channel to mind, a mammoth picture, stimulating again thoughts, this clasp of France. The rubric itself in any case does non give you any enthusiastic entrance into the section structure. I feel the artist did this as to non alert the peruser to what is going to surpass upon them further in the stanza structure. The section structures opening refrain is to get down with extremely delicate and serene, # 8216 ; The ocean is unagitated today around evening time # 8217 ; . The words the artist usages are enchanting, # 8216 ; Gleams, Sweet, glimmering # 8217 ; . The temper for the refrain structure is being set. The peruser is loaded up with dreams of harmony and a feeling of being content # 8216 ; sweet is the dull air! # 8217 ; .However the temper of the section structure significantly modifications. The artist starts to use words which changes the temper and are hugely unique in relation to the old lines, # 8216 ; cry, decelerate, despondency # 8217 ; . This unexpected enthusiastic adjustment to me is an image of his affection or life. When the artists life was quiet similar to the oceans # 8217 ; in the hole line. The writers life has no changed into a seizure of feelings, which are charged like the ocean, # 8216 ; the moving edges draw back, and split, At their arrival # 8217 ; This abrupt modification in temper in the refrain structure is truly simil Ar to the adjusting temper of the ocean, for which the primary verse is elucidating. In the second verse we are extremely ready to larn a greater amount of the writers similarity. The writer accepts that the commotion of the ocean, can pass on in the # 8216 ; stream/Of human wretchedness # 8217 ; . This is the thing that he guarantees happened to Sophocles. This relationship is potentially what other than befell the artists life. The poise see transformed into a persistent waring swash in his mind which carried with it wretchedness. Anyway the last line of the refrain discloses to us that this commotion does non pass on with it only human wretchedness yet adjacent to a thought, the artist does non lucubrate this hypothesis so we are left to assume this adjustments from individual to person. # 8216 ; in the sound an idea. # 8217 ; The ocean again in the third verse speaks to his loss of religion. This loss of religion is complicatedly portrayed as vanishing in the darks wind # 8216 ; to the breath of the night-wind # 8217 ; .Here the artist develops an away from of the air current being exemplified, # 8216 ; to the breath # 8217 ; and bringing this religion down to the # 8216 ; gigantic fringes # 8217 ; and with it other than the # 8216 ; exposed herpes zosters of the universe # 8217 ; This idea of exposed herpes zosters, is conceivably how the writer feels himself to be. Detached from any other person, left stripped exposed to hold the entirety of his standards taken off from him by the basic part the air current. By using the distinctive # 8216 ; tempers # 8217 ; of the ocean, self-control and ground-breaking, the artist can do an association with life. The way the ocean ceaselessly thumps, rushing stones facing the strand, gives us a feeling of relentlessness of some enthusiastic strain on his life, # 8216 ; Begin, and stop, thus again start # 8217 ; . The closing refrain is a fuse of the entire section structure, each piece great as proving to the peruser what it is the artist is looking to explain.The finishing up verse, starts like that of the hole refrain, using a truly engaging, delicate hole, each piece great as words to back up this, # 8216 ; love, valid, dreams, delightful and new # 8217 ; .However again like the verses originating before it, changes temper again, to look for and state us that non check what occurs, regardless of whether we are valid, or in affection, we will neer comprehend the this excellence, either the artist here is referencing to love, life or the existent magnificence of the ocean and Dover Beach we do non cognize, by the by it focuses to these subjects.

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More from Ahia

More from Ahia Well, this is my last day in Ahia (try saying it with me Uh-hi-uh Adam always makes fun of my *nonexistent* accent after Ive been at home for a few days), since my fam is hopping on a plane to LA early tomorrow morning. My little brother (well, not so little anymore) is a sophomore trombone in the high school marching band, and theyre marching in the Rose Parade on January 2. Watch for the Pickerington band! And maybe watch for me and Adam in the stands. Surprisingly, Ive gotten to do some MIT-related stuff while at home, and Im not just talking about the education I always somehow end up giving my hairdressers when Im getting my hair cut. (No, were not all dorks actually, Im a cheerleader! Yeah, we have a football team. No, Ive never seen anyone wearing a pocket protector.) Last night was the annual MIT Club of Central Ohio holiday get-together, where current students can meet prospective students and talk about MIT and (in our case) Ohio State football. I had two very delicious Rice Krispie treats and a frosted star cookie, and got to speak to the entire group about my UROP (and thanks to you guys, I think I might have given a somewhat intelligible explanation). My cheerleading friend Michelle 09 was also there, which I think makes central Ohio the most MIT-cheerleader-dense part of the country (except maybe Miami, FL?). So to all the people I met last night hi again! Dont forget to comment. And for everybody who has one of these get-togethers in their area in the next few days, go! Its super-fun. And the cookies are awesome. Questions and things of that nature: 1. I dont think Timur really has wireless in his shower. (Although I did end up talking from the shower the other night. I got the keyboard a little bit wet.) 2. s asked where Adam gets his money to buy me diamonds. Draper Labs. Seriously, he makes more money UROPing for Draper than his mom makes at her actual job. I totally have a foam #1 finger for Draper Labs. And yes, pearls are my favorite jewelry but he already got me pearls for my birthday! 3. thekeri asked why, if I could go back, I would only major in biology. Yeah, its just because I realized somewhere toward the end of sophomore year that Im really interested in biology generally rather than neurobiology specifically. I dont have any specific problems with the BCS department or anything. At any rate, its probably a good thing I did a double-major, because I have so much information crammed into my brain. 4. I will remind everyone that I can be reached by email at mollieb at mit dot edu (although I suppose its usually more expedient to leave a comment on my blog I can be bad about responding to email sometimes). 5. As for why the bathtub how cool is internet in the bathtub? You can be playing in a bubble bath and talking on AIM at the same time! Personally, I think Rhiannons friends system sounds amazing too.

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From Rags to Riches Comparing Job to George Eliot’s Silas Marner - Literature Essay Samples

Whether it be getting a cold or losing a loved one, suffering is something everyone will experience. Ironically, suffering is one of the main reasons we have happiness; although we suffer, eventually our pain will be resolved. Many stories have been created based on this concept, like the story of Job in the Old Testament, for example. Job’s faith was tested by God, and after enduring great pain and loss, Job’s life was restored when he proved his faith to be true. A book demonstrating this idea is George Eliot’s novel Silas Marner. In this story, Silas Marner resembles a similar scenario to that of Job’s. Silas’s constant loss and deep depression is eventually healed with the arrival of Eppie, just like how Job’s trials were ended when he proved that he could keep his faith in God. Silas Marner channels the earlier figure of Job through his suffering, loss, and redemption. The first way in which Silas represents Job is through the suffering Silas experiences in the story. In the beginning of the novel, Silas is betrayed by his â€Å"friend† William Dane, left by his wife Sarah who then marries William Dane, and is later cut off from the church, so that he feels as though he has been betrayed by his friends, family, and most importantly God. Not even the omniscient and all-powerful loving God wants Silas in his life, Silas concludes. The narrator remarks on Silas’s loneliness, saying, â€Å"Thus it came to pass that his movement of pity towards Sally Oates, which had given him a transient sense of brotherhood, heightened the repulsion between him and his neighbors, and made his isolation more complete† (Eliot 16). Silas begins to sympathize with Sally Oates, a lady struck with heart disease, he realizes how alone he really is. He is completely and utterly shut off from any being. Another quote also demonstrates Silas’s loneli ness and suffering. Eliot compares Silas’s life to that of an insect, saying, â€Å"There were the calls of hunger; and Silas, in his solitude, had to provide his own breakfast, dinner, and supper, to fetch his own water from the well, and put his own kettle on the fire; and all these immediate promptings helped, along with the weaving, to reduce his life to the unquestioning activity of a spinning insect† (Eliot 14). Silas’s life is compared to an insect because he essentially feels useless and helpless in the world. He has no one to go to and no one will receive him. He does these tedious tasks with no help which shows that he is like a robot mindlessly doing work with no real sense of purpose. The suffering that is brought up from his separation from society must be nearly unbearable for Silas. But this suffering that Silas experiences also represents the suffering of Job in the Bible. In Job’s second trial, he is plagued with painful boils and sores i n order to test his faith towards God. The Bible states, â€Å"So Satan went out from the presence of the LORD and afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head† (New International Version, Job 2:7). Job has to withstand this agony from Satan, and yet still keeps his faith in God. Both Job and Silas’s situations are similar, however, Job endures a more physical suffering while Silas experiences a mental and emotional suffering. The second way in which Silas portrays Job is though Silas’s loss. As aforementioned, Silas loses his family, friends, and faith right at the beginning of the story. The narrator describes these losses, saying, â€Å"Poor Marner, went out with that despair in his soul—that shaken trust in man which is little short of madness to a loving nature†¦her whole faith must be upset, as his was† (Eliot 11). Right as he discovers that both his friend and God have betrayed him, he concludes that his own fiancee will leave him as well. This short sequence of losing everything he has draws Silas away from happiness and leaves him in despair. In that period of time when he had absolutely no one to go to, Silas clings on to his money as it becomes literally the only thing that he cares about in his life. This money, which is basically Silas’s family, is stolen by Dustan Cass. Eliot describes Silas’s pain when finding out his money is lost, saying, â€Å"He c ould see every object in his cottage—and his gold was not there. Again he put his trembling hands to his head, and gave a wild wringing scream, the cry of desolation† (Eliot 41). When Silas realizes that his money has been stolen, he cries as if he had just lost a family member. At this point Silas has absolutely nothing: no friends, no family, no faith, and none of his own meaningful belongings. Similarly to how Silas loses everything, Job also experiences the same situation. In Job’s first trial, all of his animals and siblings are taken away from him by Satan. â€Å"A messenger came to Job and said, ‘The oxen were plowing and the donkeys were grazing nearby, and the Sabeans attacked and carried them off’†¦The fire of God fell from the sky and burned up the sheep and the servants†¦Your sons and daughters were feasting and drinking wine at the oldest brothers house, when suddenly a mighty wind swept in from the desert and struck the four corners of the house. It collapsed on them and they are dead, and I am the only one who has escaped to tell you† (New International Version, Job 1:14-19). In these verses, it describes all the possessions and loved ones that Job loses as part of his test. His animals, servants, and family are all taken from him, similarly to how Silas’s family, friends, faith, and possessions were taken from him. Both Job and Silas are left in despair as they lose all that is meaningful to them. One final way in which Silas is similar to Job involves the redemption that they both eventually receive. For Silas, he regains his happiness through his encounter with Eppie. Once Silas finds Eppie and comes to care for her, he realizes he does not need his money, he just needs someone to love to find happiness. Once Eppie comes into his life, Silas begins to assimilate into society. Eliot symbolizes his acceptance into the community with the pipe, saying, â€Å"Silas had taken to smoking a pipe daily during the last two years, having been strongly urged to it by the sages of Raveloe† (Eliot 143). This pipe symbolizes his assimilation because it shows that he is doing things that are also done by the community, and that he is finally fitting in with society. After Part II of the novel begins, we see that Silas has changed very much over the 16 years he has had with Eppie. He is now a family man, has a daughter, a home filled with pets, friends in his town, restored faith, etc . After going through so much suffering and loss, Eppie brings him back and redeems him from his misery. In fact, at the end of the story, Eppie exclaims, â€Å"Oh Father, what a pretty home ours is! I think nobody could be happier than we are† (Eliot 183). This is an amazing comeback for Silas. At the beginning of the book we see that he is in the darkest place of his life, but at the end, however, he is described as the happiest man alive. This transition shows the redemption the Silas finally gets, and it represents the same redemption the Job acquires. In the Bible, after Job has lost all his over ones, suffered extremely painful boils and sores, he is finally redeemed by God. Job keeping his faith strong is the key to his redemption, like Eppie is for Silas. When Job remains faithful, God restores his family and belongings, even more than what he had before. The Bible states, â€Å"After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice a s much as he had before.All his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came and ate with him in his house†¦The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part†¦Nowhere in all the land were there found women as beautiful as Job’s daughters, and their father granted them an inheritance along with their brothers† (New International Version, Job 42:10-15). This passage shows Job’s redemption for keeping his faith. Similar to Silas, Job had nothing left, but kept his faith strong, which ultimately led to his restoration. So both Silas and Job experience redemption, Silas finding it though Eppie, and Job finding it through God. Throughout both Silas Marner and the book of Job, we see two men who both lose everything, and experience great suffering. Both Silas and Job lose their friends, family, faith, and belongings, with the exception of Job keeping his faith. Both endure very hard suffering: Silas deals with great depression and loneliness, while Job is afflicted with boils and sores all over his body. All of these things show the similarities between the two stories, supporting the argument that Silas Marner by George Eliot is a clear re-portrayal of the story of Job. Although they struggle, both Silas and Job are eventually redeemed in the end.